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We train a lot of people at T1. Does every delegate have to register to receive their delegate booklet?
Last Updated 3 years ago

We would encourage you to ensure the details of all delegates are captured when creating the event. You might ask the delegate to do this or the trainer or administrator might do so on their behalf. This will not only provide the delegates with access to the booklet but enable us to market future training and other ‘products/services’ to them in future.
Further, if all delegates for all training courses were entered at the time of creating events, we would not need you to provide your monthly statistics – we would already have them.
Note. We need good attendance data for DfE and other purposes.
However, in recognition of the challenges this presents to some and that this is one part of a lot of change, we have made the delegate booklet available to all trainers in order that they might print them out and provide to the delegates as in the past. Trainers can access these along with the presentations.

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