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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Attendance certificates  
  2. Can I set up an event that is visible on the website but where payment for the event is not made through the site?  
  3. Can we have more than one ‘administrator’ to set up events?  
  4. Event attendees  
  5. Events dashboard?  
  6. How to add image to description area ?  
  7. How to add new event?  
  8. How to add new ticket?  
  9. How to create an event?  
  10. How to designate category?  
  11. How to edit products?  
  12. How to login on the AET website?  
  13. How to order delegate booklets?  
  14. How to publish your event?  
  15. How to use coupon?  
  16. How to use my account "dashboard"?  
  17. How will we receive our delegate feedback data?  
  18. How you can use the website ?  
  19. If we create an event where payment is to be made through the AET website, how do we claim the money?  
  20. Is there an alternative way of providing the free tools for teachers resource to delegates of T2 and T3 training other than them registering for the relevant event?  
  21. Is VAT added to the event tickets when they are created or does the cost need to include VAT? How does the delegate claim VAT back?  
  22. Lost password?  
  23. Marketing toolkit  
  24. Products?  
  25. Training materials  
  26. We do not think that all our delegates will submit the on-line feedback and this creates an issue for us locally. If we undertake local feedback, is there any other way of providing the certificate of attendance?  
  27. We train a lot of people at T1. Does every delegate have to register to receive their delegate booklet?  
  28. What the delegates sees?  

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